Services: Design Verification


An important, and often missed step in the product development process, is design verification. At FAS Design, we understand the importance of design verification and offer this service to organizations that build and manufacturer products.


Without proper testing and validation, products may be developed that do not meet the original design specifications, thus resulting in products will not match the expectations of the intended buyer. At this stage of the product development, design modifications can have a significant negative impact on the project’s bottom line.


Product design verification will likely increase upfront costs in order to complete thorough testing. However, this number is typically far below the costs associated with design modifications after a product has gone through the any part of the manufacturing process.

The typical design verification tests conducted by FAS Design include:


  • Development Testing

  • Prototyping and/or Proof Testing

  • Acceptance Testing


We work collaboratively with all key stakeholders during the planning process in order to determine the appropriate verification activities. This includes recommending the best method to conduct the verifications, where to complete the verification tests, defining the measurement tools, and identifying any if any additional tools are needed. From there we will outline the anticipated verification schedule. When the verifications are completed, we will record the results and provide a detailed report of the findings, including any recommendations for improvement.


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