Services: Product Readiness Review


At FAS Design, we can manage everything from design concept to prototype and manufacturing to implementation. This means we are able to offer hands-on guidance in helping prepare a product for launch. Our product readiness checklist gives visibility into the manufacturing maturity of a product, thus helping mitigate risks during the product development process. 


It is important that products successfully graduate from design and development into production. With a product readiness review process in place, manufacturers can be assured that they can build, ship and support high-quality products at the right price and velocity to be profitable.


We customize the checklist based on the product and industry, but in general terms our checklists include the following categories:


  • Safety Hazards

  • Hardware Functionality

  • Design Verification

  • Product Reliability

  • Manufacturing Output

  • Certification Testing (if applicable)

  • Implementation/Deployment

  • Training and Documentation

  • Service and Support


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