New Product Development

FAS Design specializes in new product development (NPD) and has extensive experience bringing a new product to market.  We can consult on market analysis and market research but our technical focus is on idea generation, product design, engineering, manufacturing, deployment and post launch support.


We follow an agile approach to NPD while also adhering to sound methodological processes to ensure only sound concepts make it to market.  The following steps are best practices that should be followed by any organization seeking to manufacture new products.


The Idea Phase

  • Prepare a detailed SWOT analysis.

  • Gather feedback from various internal and external sources to ensure a sound product scope is identified.


The Screening Phase

  • Help define the market size and viability for product success.

  • Score idea on manufacturing feasibility.

  • Prepare initial cost analysis and product pricing.


Prototype Phase:jj

  • Development intellectual property plan including patent filing.

  • Complete concept design(s) using CAD software.

  • Gather market feedback on prototypes from focus group(s).

  • Outline the product features and benefits.


Business Analysis Phase:

  • Prepare a more detailed manufacturing cost analysis.

  • Determine product pricing based on market research.

  • Develop a sales plan including projected timeframe to breakeven and achieve a profit.


Testing Phase:

  • Build a working prototype.

  • Complete design verification process.

  • Beta testing with larger focus group.

  • Manufacture small run to verify market acceptance.

  • Make any necessary development adjusts to prepare for launch.

  • Complete product readiness checklist.


Deployment Phase:

  • Outline the objectives of the product launch.

  • Identify and assign roles and responsibilities.

  • Ensure all documentation is complete.

  • Define technical support options.

  • Complete thorough training.

  • Develop the schedule and communication plan.


Commercialization Phase:

  • Product launched in wide distribution.

  • Market product to gain awareness.

  • Execute sales revenue plan.


Contact us to learn more about how we can assist with your new product idea.

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