Services: Product Deployment


The final step in the new product development process is deployment/implementation.  Typically at this stage the product is completely tested and ready move from the development side of the house to the departments that will support the product once purchased. In order for those departments to be ready to support a product’s launch, they must be thoroughly trained and all product information should be fully documented.


FAS follows a proven process to help organizations achieve a successful product launch or deployment into the marketplace. Each product deployment plan is customized based on industry and product, but encompass the same overall guidelines. Our general deployment plans include the following:


  • Outline the objectives of the product launch and identify any potential issues or dependencies.

  • Determine the manufacturing velocity based on the approved sales revenue plan.

  • Create site deployment/install diagrams (i.e. client side installed hardware products).

  • Identify and assign roles and responsibilities, including any necessary 3rd parties.

  • Ensure there is a complete resource kit completed with all key documents included.

  • Define the included and upsell technical support options.

  • Prepare a training guide for internal staff, 3rd parties (VARs, resellers, etc) and end-users.

  • Develop the deployment schedule and communication plan.


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