Services: Technical Product Support



FAS Design offers a variety of support, including training, for passive millimeter wave devices and mask repair tools. Need help with other products? If we are engaged during the design, production or deployment phases of your product launch, we will be able provide technical product support, in addition to end-user and sales training.


Passive Millimeter Wave Devices: AllClear, GEN2 and MobileScan


  • Replacement of parts that have failed on millimeterwave cameras after they have come out of warranty.

  • Design of security deployment solutions for millimeter wave environments.

  • Installation of millimeter wave camera’s.

  • Site survey’s for the pre-order of millimeter wave cameras.

  • Training on use of the camera and software operation.

  • Training on the sale of the millimeter wave devices currently in the marketplace.

  • Training on the value of millimeter wave cameras in security checkpoints.


Mask Repair Tools:


  • Install used mask repair tools.

  • Replace parts that have been degraded from use on mask repair tools.

  • Augmenting tools with larger glass holders or smaller ones if needed.

  • Calibrate existing tools.

  • Repair equipment that has stopped functioning due major damage by redesigning the equipment.